March 21 International Children’s Peace Day


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March 21 International Children’s Peace Day



International Children's Peace Day's Purpose

It's purpose is to bring awareness to the plight of children in war zones or areas of conflict. It is to remind the world of the the innocent victims of war, the children.

March 21st was chosen because it is the Northern Hemisphere's first day of spring in 2013 Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is also a time of hope. 3/21 or 3-2-1 also symbolizes unity, in this case world unity in protecting the children in this world.

The Korean DMZ was chosen as the place for the inaugural observance of International Children's Peace Day because of the 60 years of separation on the Korean peninsula. Korea is the last country in the world in which one nation is divided amongst itself. As the result of a war that started before they were born, the children of Korea have not met and interacted. 

International Children's Peace Day's Motto

  • Above Politics 

  • Above Borders 

  • Above Conflicts 

  • Above Ideology

It's all about giving hope to people and children around the world.

Korea is the last country in the world that is split in half. If a meeting between the children of Korea can help promote peace, it would be a positive step. 

Children - The Innocent Victims of War

300,000 children under 18 are victims of war in the world. They are forced to be soldiers or are used for violen
t acts. It's time for the international community to do something to stop it.

Creating Children's Peace Forests and Parks are a way to help areas of conflict have a safety zone. A place where children from both sides of conflict can meet.

North/South Korea Children's Peace Walk

Official Organizer:  ICEY (International Cooperation of Environmental Youth)