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Bangkok's Economy

Bangkok is the commercial center of Thailand, as well as Southeast Asia, for imports and exports.  Bangkok is a port which makes it accessible for trade by air, boat or train, this makes its atmosphere excellent for the trade environment.

Special products from Bangkok are automobile parts, handguns, house-wares, antiques.  At one time, agriculture was the main source generating income, but this has shifted to the manufacture of textiles, computers and electronics.  The center of communication, Bangkok has approximately 4 million telephones, and cellular services are rapidly expanding.

Tourism has become a main source of revenue, with increasing numbers of visitors going to Thailand.  Approximately a third of all banks in Thailand, with over three-fourths of the deposits of Thailand, are located in Bangkok. 

The late 80's brought about remarkable growth.  Driven by Bangkok's free enterprise economy, a 13% growth resulted in the GNP.  As a result of this tremendous growth, Bangkok (Thailand) became known as one of the four tigers in Asia, but this rapid growth built up pressure until finally in 1997 it began the Asian financial crisis.  Through reforming its finances, Bangkok is slowly returning to normal.


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