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People of Bangkok

Bangkok's population is 49 times greater than that of the next largest city, Chiang Mai.  Most of the population are ethnic Thai, with the immigrants being mainly Chinese or Indian.  Many citizens moved to Bangkok from the countryside, which has resulted in housing shortages, among other things.  There are approximately 6 million people in Bangkok itself, but including the surrounding provinces there is a total of about 9 million.

During the 19th century, up until World War II, thousands of Chinese immigrated to Thailand looking for work.  The Chinese influx was so great that street signs in Bangkok were written in Chinese. The close of World War II brought about immigration laws that have become stricter.

Thai is the national language, but English is taught in schools as a second language.  Among the Chinese immigrants, Chinese is widely spoken.  Bangkok's religious preference is Theravada Buddhism, with Muslims numbering 5% of the population.  Other religions present in Bangkok are Christianity and Hindi.


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