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I.C.E.Y. - International Cooperation of Environmental Youth


Jonathan Lee, 12, is a young environmentalist who is the creator of GoGreen Man. He is working on starting a new environmental group for youth around the world called I.C.E.Y. - International Cooperation of Environmental Youth.  I.C.E.Y.'s slogan is H.O.P.E. - Helping Our Polluted Earth.

Put together these two acronyms sound like "I see hope."  As in, I see hope for the future.  That's exactly what Jonathan says, he sees hope for the future of the world.

This summer, Jonathan Lee traveled in parts of Asia to promote I.C.E.Y.  When he visited the Philippines, he met with CNN heroes and their pushcart school.  Jonathan was also able to meet with the Mayor of Makati, Mr. Benai and asked for his support.  Mayor Benai is one of the most respected politicians in the Philippines and Makati is considered the financial capital of the Philippines.  Jonathan asked Mayor Benai if he would be a member of the I.C.E.Y. board in the Philippines and Mayor Benai accepted with pleasure.

Jonathan also traveled to Korea where he met with President Lee Myung Bak.  President Bak and Jonathan talked about environmental issues while touring an environmental green growth museum in Seoul, South Korea.

During the August 15, 2009, 64th Korean Independence Day celebration, President Lee Myung-bak met with U.S. young environmental story writer, Jonathan Lee.  The president invited Jonathan as a VIP guest to participate in the opening of the Green Growth Museum for Korea.  They went into the museum to look and discuss the environment.  Jonathan asked the president about the important of recycling.   President Lee Myung-bak explained in detail about the importance of recycling and its effect on global warming. 

Jonathan spoke at the 2009 Incheon Fair's Environmental Forum where he talked to them about I.C.E.Y. and seeing hope for the future.

People are wanting to be a part of I.C.E.Y. and requests have come in from the Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Korea and the U.S.  Jonathan is glad to see the support from around the world.

I.C.E.Y. was officially started in the U.S. on September 18, 2009 and branches are expected to open in South Korea and other countries in the future.

If you would like to join I.C.E.Y. or would like more information, please visit



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