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Underground Churches in North Korea


This is the message delivered of North Koreans from their underground churches.

I am Pastor Youngsik Kim in charge of Yerang Missionary for evangelization of North Korea and China.

The objective of delivering this --- message is to encourage all the Christians in the world to pray for our brothers and sisters who are subject to severe affliction and even death sentences due to nothing but believing in Jesus Christ.
Please read it through with the love of Jesus Christ even when it might not be interesting to you.

I came to obtain your mail address from your organizations that you belong to.
I do not possess any other private information except for email addresses.

Upon reception of this letter without your consent, I deeply apologize.

Yerang Missionary (http://gajo.org)
Pastor Youngsik Kim


We became successful in meeting with the leaders of the North Korean underground churches in a foreign country.  We have been in indirect contact with them for several years.  The stumps of faith!  

As eyewitnesses the living Christians in North Korea, we had no choice but to burst tears.
These tears made it very sure to us that the Christian from North and South Korea are brothers to each other.  I heard of incredible facts far beyond description. The North Korean brothers who have lived under affliction for more than 50 years! I became ashamed of my faith with consideration of their Christian remarkable lives.

I heard of their own testimonies on how much the God took care of the Christians under the affliction by the North Korean government. Bong-Soo Church and Chil-Gok Church in PyongYang, the Capitol of North Korea, are administrated by the government and all the members of these churches are from Communism Party. These camouflaged members and churches were made so as to draw financial aid from foreign Christian organizations.  It was heard that all the offerings to PyongYang Chosun Christian Union from the churches in North Korea were transferred to Jung-il Kim for his pocket money.
North Korean Christians testified that it was the saddest situation just to look at the cross of the Bong-Soo Church, weeping, but not to worship inside there.

They have been overcoming extremely severe distress, poverty, and hunger.
Nevertheless, they have been prayed and prepared to build up the church of God if it is allowed by God.  They also said, "We well know where all the churches destroyed in the past were.  We will build every one of them up with the consent of God.
We have been praying and preparing for it with firm and steady determination.
Please pass these words to the brothers and sisters in South Korea."
They also said, "None of our brothers of faith have starved to death.
We have helped each of us in need with tithe.  Although we can not gather for worship, we have not missed a day without the Lord's prayer and the Apostles' Creed."
It seemed to me that the Christians in North Korea are ready to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are the children of God who overcame the sufferings.
I was able to see the power of God through their lives.

We made an offer of 1000 suits of winter clothes, shoes, medical supplies, 3 tons of rice and books.  But, they did not want to accept them. They did not want any material. We were careful not to hurt their feeling as if it was our showing-off to those who admirably endured even without these materials.

Finally, we were able to hand over these materials to them with extremely humble attitude, saying, "These are the gift of love from South Korean brothers to North Korean brothers. At the same time, these are offerings from South Korean churches to North Korean churches."

They burst joyful tears and left, saying, "Thank you very much for considering us.  Let's pray with love for each other everyday from now on."

North Korean youths in studing bible.


P.S.: Please spread out this letters so that more people will pay attention to North Korea
        and the evangelization in China. You can post this on the web page of the Church that you attend.

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