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10 Year-Old Boy Tries to Save the World

There is a ten year old boy, Jonathan, in Mississippi who is trying to help save the world from global warming.  He created the cartoon character GoGreen Man to fight Dr. Pollution.   The story goes like this, Dr. Pollution uses the Petrol Pirate and Gas Goon to destroy Greenville,  but GoGreen Man fights them using renewable energy sources (wind and solar).  It's a good concept, one he's using to reach out to children his age to get them to help save the world.

The world is moving into a new era, the Go Green Revolution (GGR).  This means that everyone, not only environmental activists, has to go green because of the earth's current global warming and rising seas.  Environmental changes are not only damaging to our economy, but are now to the point of threatening human life itself.  It is no longer acceptable to solely use fossil fuels to run the economy while damaging the environment.

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) already warns us of the seriousness of global warming.  Dr. Achim Steiner, Exec. Direc UN Environmental Program, says that “It matters whether or not you are born in Africa…..societies are affected in different ways.”  No longer is there debate about our direct involvement in global warming.  We, humans, are responsible for the warming of the earth and all nations accept this result without doubt. 

Since the report from the UN's IPCC came out, no country has taken definitive action.  China is placing the blame on industrial nations and the US response is that China and India have to change together with them.

Even though the governments aren't doing anything, individuals are taking matters into their own hands.  Most people realize global warming is real and that it needs to be taken seriously.

This is true of the ten year old boy in Mississippi.  He wanted to do something to help the world...and he's trying.  His website is his effort to spread the news about recycling, conservation (turn off lights and computers when they aren't being used; switch to energy efficient light bulbs, etc.), and renewable energy sources (solar and wind energy).  Even from one 10 year-old child's cartoons, adults can learn something from it as it very thought provoking.

From Jonathan

Hi! My name is Jonathan, but you can just call me Alex.  I made this website for kids to help save the world.  I am ten years old and I have a little sister.  I like (okay, love) legos and I like playing outside, but I won't get to play outside if the earth is destroyed by Dr. Pollution!
(So, help save the earth, pleeeeease!?)

Just think, if the world is destroyed by pollution, all the animals, plants and humans would be destroyed, too.  We need the plants and trees and they need us.  When we breathe out, we give out carbon dioxide (CO2), which plants love.  When they "eat it" they poop out oxygen (O), which is what we breathe!  So that's why we need to care about the earth and then - Dr. Pollution will be destroyed, instead of us! (Because we're helping GoGreenMan destroy him.)

Dr. Pollution isn't alone, he has many helpers in his quest to destroy the earth: Gas Goon, Petrol Pirate, Trashinator 2000,  Waste Woman, Pol' Tick Al  and CoalBleck.

You can help our earth by recycling; walking or riding your bike, picking up trash that's on the streets around you, turn off lights or computers when you aren't using them and these can be ways you can help GoGreenMan save the earth! 

by Jonathan



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