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Performing Arts in Malaysia

perform_art.jpg (14697 bytes)There are numerous traditional dances in Malaysia with one being the joget.  This dance is normally accompanied by a flute, drums and more recently, a violin.  The inang is a Malay folk dance that illustrates courtship and was formerly performed for royal guests.

Shadow plays (wayang kulit) is a popular entertainment in Kelantan that commemorates special occasions such as weddings and births and were introduced from Java in the 13th century.  They are performed with figures made from animal (buffalo) hide which is then maneuvered behind a screen.  These plays are accompanied by music and are performed on a stage made from bamboo that is 3 1/2 meters square.  

Silat is Malaysia's martial art.  Although it's an art of self defense, it is performed, accompanied by drums and gongs, at weddings and other important occasions.  

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