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Mongolia is home to a homogenous people, with the Halh (Khalkha) Mongols being in the majority (85%), Turkish mongols, with the Kazakh as the largest group (7%), Tungusic (4.6%) and other minorities, including Chinese and Russian, accounting for 3.4%. (1998)
Eighty-five percent of Mongolians consider buddhism to be their religion, whereas 4.1% of the population is muslim and 5% are Christian. 
In January 2003, there were over 2,475,400  inhabitants of Mongolia, with 65% of them living in urban areas.  The largest and capital city is Ulaanbaatar.

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Country Profile 

Capital : Ulaanbaatar
Population :
2,475,400 (January 2003)
Area :
1.5 million sq km
Currency :
Tughrik - 
$1 (US) = 1,096.8 Tg

$ 1.2 billion
Per Capita :
Government Type : Parliamentary Republic 
Official Languages :

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