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Bohol Tourist Information

With its rolling hills and plateaus, crystal springs and beaches, Bohol is a picturesque island-province replete with ancestral homes and centuries old churches.  Bohol is situated at the heart of Visayas.  West of Bohol is Cebu, and to the east if Leyto.  long its coastline are the numerous isles of Panglao, Pamilacan, Cabilao, jao, Mahanay and Lapinin, which are excellent dive spots.

However, beneath the rustic charms of Bohol lies a thousand and one adventures just waiting to unfold.  The site of the 1565 blood compact between Boholano chieftain Rajah Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Leganzpi Bohol's historicity is evident in the province's relaxed, laid-back pace.  Excavation in ancient burial grounds reveal artifacts dating back to China's Tang dynasy.  Indeed, the province already had strong trading ties with the Chinese long before the Spaniards set foot in the country.  Every year, the compact between the Muslim chief and the Spanish conqueror is celebrated through the Sandugo Festival in July.  All year-round, the museums and churches attest to the province's rich heritage and culture.  The Chocolate Hills is the most famous natural attraction to be found in Bohol.  The province is home to the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier.  The size of a first, the tarsier lives on the hills of Corella, some ten kilometers from Tagbilaran.  Other equally exotic flora and fauna can be found amongst the forests of Bohol.

Bohol's various mountainous and water formations also serve as a natural playground for the adventurous tourist.  One can cruise the rivers, hike up the hills, swim the deep waters or just stroll down the avenues.  Bohol is just waiting to surprise you.


Tourist Attractions / Things to Do

Bohol Museum
Once the residence of the country's fourth president, Carlos P. Garcia, the Bohol Provincial Museum is Tagbilaran is a showcase of the province's exciting history, culture and natural resources.  The Museum also houses the personal memorabilia of the late president.  Just a few minutes away from the Museum is the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park where a life-sized monument of the president stands.  The statue was done by Boholanon National Artist Napoleon Abueva in marble and bronze.

Chocolate Hills
Consisting of 1,268 haycock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters, the Chocolate Hils is a wonder of nature.  RIghtly so, the Hills are considered as a Philippine National Geological Monument.  During the summer, the dome-shaped, grass-covered limestone hills dry up and turn brown transforming the areas into rows and rows of chocolate "kisses."  Indeed, a visit to Bohol is imcomplete without partaking of the province's Peanut Kisses, crisp and crunchy delicacy made of eggs and peanuts in honor of the wondrous hills.

Heritage Tour
An early Spanish settlement, the province of Bohol is filled with old churches, tree-lined plazas and ancestral houses.  Visit the Bohol Museum in Tagbilaran, the Punta Cruz Watch Tower in Maribojoc (a wooden cross supposedly bestowed with mysterious powers), the Baclayon Church, and the marker in Barrior Bool commemorating Sikatuna and Legaspi's blood compact to complete your trip down memory lane.

Hiking and Cycling
Bohol's numerous hills, valleys and plateaus are ideal for hiking and cycling.  In Bilar, a three-kilometer man-made forest is sanctuary to the province's endangered species including the tarsier.  The towns of Carmen, Batuan, and Sierra Bullones possess cool weather throughout the year just right for long and winding walks.

Hinagdanan Cave
With its breath-taking symphony of stalactites and stalagmites jutting out of the earth, the Hinagdanan Cave is certainly a sight to behold.  Bring a swimsuit if you want to swim its cool springs aptly lit from above by natural skylights.  Hinagdanan is only two and a-half kilometers from Dauis town.

Old Churches and Other Religious Institution
One of the earliest Spanish settlements, Bohol is home to one of the country's oldest stone churches, the Baclayon Church.  Built by the Jesuits, Baclayon features a rich collection of religious articles from vestments woven in gold thread to Latin librettos printed on sheepskin.  The legendary Dauis Church, which is just a few minutes from Tagbilaran features a fresh water well at the foot of the altar.  The waters are said to be blessed with healing powers.  Still another religious must-see is the Panglao Church with its marvelous ceiling murals and intricately-carved antique confessionals.

River Safari
Go on an enchanting river tour.  Bohol has four major rivers, INabanga and Ipil in the north and Loboc and Abatan down south.  From Busay Falls, cruise down Loboc River in a pumpboat.  Travel through the seaside towns of Loboc, Loay and Bilar.  On board partake of a hearty lunch of fresh lapu-lapu, shrimp, and squid to the tune of strumming guitars.

Swimming and Diving
To top off this idyllic scenery, Bohol has also been blessed with pristine white-sand beaches and serene dive spots.  Panglao Island has a number of beach resorts for sun lovers where various watersports are available.  Near Panglao are the island of Balicasag and Pamilacan.  Balicasag is considered as one of the best dive spots in the country.  The waters of Pamilacan are brimming with schools of tuna, snappers, groupers, mackerel and surgeonfish.  Dolphins and pilot whales can also be viewed from a distance.



Getting There
From Manila, take a Philippine Airlines plane to Cebu, then catch a connecting flight or a fast ferry to Tagliaran City, the capital of Bohol.

Getting Around
Bohol's moderate weather allows for long walks under friendly skies.  As in most parts of the country, buses, jeepneys and tricycles are the main source of transportation.  It's advisable to wear light clothing.  And always, when you're hopping about, wear a smile.

Staying In
Bohol has a number of moderately-sized hotels and resorts to suit any tourist's needs.  The Bohol Beach Club and the Alona Kew White Sand beach Cottages at Panglao Island offer rooms overlooking the island's white sand beaches.

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