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Tokyo is the capital city of Japan with a latitude of 35 41' north and 140 degrees east.  Located in the middle of Honshu Island's east coast, Tokyo is home to the Imperial Residence (with the Emperor's Palace).  Japan's seat of Government and Parliament are located in Tokyo as well.
The climate in Tokyo varies according to the weather in Asia to its east, and the Pacific Ocean to its west.  The average temperature is about 22.4 C with the temperatures milder than what would be expected at its latitude.
The majority of people living in Tokyo are Japanese with a few Asian minorities and even fewer foreigners.  Of those Japanese, only a few are native to Tokyo, that is those whose families have lived in Tokyo for more than three generations.  The influx of people from the country has created a shortage in available space, which makes living in Tokyo very expensive.  

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Country : Japan
Population :
8.4 million
Area :
2154 sq km
Currency :
Languages : Japanese



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