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History of Tokyo

In the 12th century BC, what is now Tokyo was then a marshy, wooded area inhabited by the Edo warrier family.  Fast-forwarding to the 1600's, half of Edo (Tokyo) was destroyed by a fire in 1657 and in 1707, ash fell in the streets from Mt. Fuji's eruption.  The postal system was established in 1871 and in 1912 Emperor Matsuhito dies, built in his honor is the Meiji Shrine.  A horrific earthquake in 1923 causes over 140,000 Japanese to lose their life in the Kanto Region, three years later, Hirohito becomes Emperor.

In 1945, during World War II, the United States drops bombs on Tokyo in an air attack, causing it to go up in flames.  The The 18th Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo in 1964, and in 1965 the city's population goes over the 10 million mark.   Another serious earthquake strikes in 1987, damaging Narita airport.  In 1989, after the death of Hirohito, his son Akhito becomes Emperor, while in 1993, Crown Prince Naruhito weds Masako Owada, a diplomat.

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