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With Japan's attempt to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, an oil-drilling rights disagreement, and the textbook controversy (which hasn't gone away and won't for some time)....  more


Cars Sold in Beijing to Meet New Emission Standards

Chinese capital Beijing will ban the sale of new cars failing to meet new emission standards equivalent to Euro IV starting from March 1...



GoGreen Man
Tree Planting Tips

Jonathan's Tree Planting Tips
1.Dig a hole twice as big and a little deeper than the root ball 2. Break up existing soil 3. Mix half good (fertilized) soil and half existing soil, put in hole 4.Pat pot to gently loosen root ball from pot...

10 Year-Old Boy Tries to Save the World
Will you help him?
He created the character GoGreen Man to fight Dr. Pollution... More

South Korean Spies Infiltrate North Korea 
(Historical Movie) 

Silmido Preview
Director : Kang Woo-suk

Underground Churches in North Korea
As eyewitnesses the living Christians in North Korea, we had no choice but to burst tears.

What Do I Tell My Children About Their Great-grandpa?
"By stating this, then there will be justification for everything they do right...or wrong."

President Arroyo

Confusion and Hope
"Political change does not come without some difficulty, but without difficulty there is not much change..."

football.jpg (23920 bytes)

2002 FIFA World Cup - Korean Issue
"Koreans are excited about co-hosting the 2002 World Cup Finals - first time ever in Asia."

palaceh10.jpg (11439 bytes)
Dragon Engravings

Beijing's Forbidden City
"The palace is now standing, no longer for the emperors, but for those who had at one time been forbidden."

Marinated bulgogi

Luscious Bulgogi Recipe (Korean Beef Stir-fry) 
"Bulgogi...is a food that when you first try it, you will enjoy it..."

Master J.R.West

A Hot, Hip Martial Art Form - HapKiDo :
A powerful, specialized martial art form from Korea. (December '00)

Kimchi: New Facts About an Old MythNEW! 
  For all cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and or all Asian and Western cuisine add kimchi as a super savory side dish.
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