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Collecting Unwanted Items to Help Build Dreams

You might have seen a truck around town with a logo on it that says, “HOPE Shoppe” with a lot of items in the back. You may have wondered, what is HOPE Shoppe?  You didn’t know but you thought it sounded good.  Or you might have thought it’s another organization like Goodwill or Gateway Mission.  You would have been right, but they have a slightly different purpose.  HOPE Shoppe is a humanitarian environmental group.   The HOPE in HOPE Shoppe stands for ‘Helping Out People & the Earth’ and it is their motto. 

What can a person do that will help people and the Earth?   Well, if you have usable paint in your home that you don’t need, donate it to HOPE Shoppe!   That paint will then be used to paint, for free, the home of a child in inner city Jackson.  Hopefully, something as simple as a freshly painted house or room, will give the children hope for a brighter, more colorful future.  The paint is kept out of the streams and rivers (which helps the Earth) and is used to help people by painting their homes.  It’s a win/win situation.  It’s a win for the Earth and a win for the people.

Other items are welcomed by HOPE Shoppe as well.  Furniture, clothes, toys, electronics and many other items are collected and are then either repurposed (upcycled), recycled or reused.  Helping children and giving them hope for the future is our number one priority.   The funding we receive will directly benefit children and youth projects in Mississippi and around the world. Since HOPE Shoppe is a 501 (c) 3 charity organization, the donations are tax deductible, another win for people!

You may be wondering how this all began.  It began with the dream of a 13 year old boy, Jonathan Lee, from Ridgeland, Mississippi.  He took the command that God gave Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden (Earth) seriously.  Many people think that environmentalism is all about global warming or protecting certain species.  Jonathan takes it a little differenly by believing that helping the Earth should also benefit people.  For example, instead of planting just shade trees, plant fruit trees or food-bearing trees whenever or wherever possible.  This way people are helped (with the food from the trees) and the Earth is helped.  Believe it not, Jonathan took this idea to the former leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il.  He wanted to help provide food for the starving children there.  He didn’t just talk about it, he actually went to North Korea and delivered his letter.  The story was covered by CNN, BBC and other news organizations around the world.  Even though he was invited to speak on several shows, such as the Today Show and GMA, he decided not to go.  He declined the invitations because being famous wasn’t his purpose, helping the children was.

Since it’s founding in 2009, HOPE Shoppe has helped thousands of children around the world.  While that is admirable, they want to do more for their home state, Mississippi.  Kyoung Lee, HOPE Shoppe’s president and board member, says that they are project oriented not re-sale oriented.   Donations will help fund the projects HOPE Shoppe has in mind for the Jackson Metro and other areas.  He said, “We are small but passionate about what we do.  Helping children and the Earth.”

Everything that is done in the Jackson Metro area is possible because of volunteers like Jordan Douglas.  He helps HOPE Shoppe by going to neighborhoods and passing out flyers.  Jordan also helps out by picking up donations for HOPE Shoppe.  He says it makes him feel really good to know he’s helping people.

Kathleen Matthews, a recent donor to HOPE Shoppe, was impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of their volunteers while picking up items from her Madison home.  She expressed her willingness to share HOPE Shoppe’s information with others and plans to use them again in the future for other donation pickups.

Currently, HOPE Shoppe is operating out of a warehouse, but is hopeful for a store front in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about HOPE Shoppe, please visit  If you are cleaning house, moving out or just want to donate, please remember HOPE Shoppe.  Give hope to children and help the Earth! supports I.C.E.Y. - H.O.P.E. (non-profit org)
(International Cooperation of Environmental Youth - Helping Our Polluted Earth) Any advertisement you view helps save the environment!  Thanks!


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